Pygmy Handpan C# F# F2 Low Pygmy F3 Bass Handpan Drum

Pygmy Handpan C
Pygmy Handpan C

Pygmy Handpan C# F# F2 Low Pygmy F3 Bass Handpan Drum

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★ High sensitivity.
★ Never worry about quality
★ Multi-scale customizable

Expertly crafted for professional musicians, the Pygmy scale Handpan Drum. Made with precision and expertise, this handpan drum delivers unparalleled performance and tone for your musical needs.

Customizable scale: A2 Pygmy, C#3 Pygmy, D3 High Pygmy, D3 Pygmy, E3 Pygmy ,F2 Pygmy , F#2 Pygmy,  F2 Low Pygmy , F3  Pygmy

15~20 days to build.  
The processing time for this style is 15~20 days. 
Free expedited shipping to the US 4-8 days. 6-15 days for other countries.

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