Mattierte Kristallschale

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    Frosted sound bath bowls. Classic types of Crystal Bowls, The surface is frosted, hazy. It is made from pure quartz crystal and is shaped like a bowl. Our crystal bowls are available in a variety of colors for a unique and attractive look, especially in the sun, with natural positive energy.
    Each bowl is typically tuned to a specific note or chakra, allowing for a variety of tones and frequencies to be explored.
    17 Produkte
    440/432 Hz Kristall-Klangschalen-Set, 7 sieben Chakren, Quarz-Klangschalen-Set
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    8"-14" Crystal Singing Bowl Set Classic White Sound bowl 7 Chakra set quartz singing bowl
    Von $759.00
    Obsidian Gemstone Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Chakra Bowl
    Von $245.90
    Sapphire Gemstone Infused Crystal Singing Bowl Fusion Quartz Sound Bowl
    Von $245.90
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