Mini Handpan/14-18 inch

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    Mini handpan. Lightweight and portable,  Its unique sound can be taken anywhere in the world. Let the Handpan be your gateway to a world where harmonies transport you to a place of sheer joy and serenity.
    13 products
    Hluru mini handpan Kurd/Amara/Harmonic/Pentatonic 14 inch 9 note D minor hand drum Steel tongue drum
    from $181.90
    Mini Handpan STL Drum 18 Inches 9 Notes G Minor Hand Pan Hang Drum
    from $289.00
    Mini Datura Handpan Drum 440/432Hz 18 Inches 9 Notes G Key STL Alloy Steel Hand Pan
    from $469.00
    Galaxy Handpan 10 Notes Gradient Purple 21 Inches D minor Hang Drum Professional Handpan Drum
    from $599.00
    Mini Datura Royal Handpan Drum 440/432Hz G Key 9 Notes 18 Inches Tone STL hang drum
    from $499.00
    Mini Retro Handpan Drum 18 Inches 9 Notes G minor 440Hz Steel Hand Pan Hang drum
    D-Minor 14-18 inches Hang Drum HandPan Alloy UU Hand Steel Tongue Drum
    from $409.00
    D-Major Hang Drum 14-18 inches Handpan UU Tank Drum Steel Tongue Hand Drum
    from $409.00
    C-Minor Hang Drum 14-18 inches Handpan Hand Drum UU Steel Tank Drum Tongue Drum
    from $409.00
    AS TEMAN Charcoal 14 inches 9 Notes D Amara / C# Amara Steel Tongue Drum Tank drum Hang drum instrument
    Galaxy Hang drum 10 Notes D minor Mini Handpan Tank drum instrument
    Mini Handpan Drum Dimple Coating King 440/432Hz G Key Tone 9 Notes 18 Inches King Series Hang drum
    from $489.00
    E-Major Tone Hang Drum 14-18 inches Hand Drum UU Tank Drum Handpan Steel Drum
    from $409.00
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