8-10 inch tongue drum

8 products

    8-10 inch steel tongue drum, few notes, easy to learn, suitable for beginners or children.To play a steel tongue drum, one simply needs to strike the tongues with mallets, creating resonant and soothing tones.
    8 products
    Hluru Huashu 11 notes 10 inch D key square tongue drum
    Huashu 11 tone notes 10 inch F Key steel tongue Lotus tank drum
    Hluru Japanese Folk Travel Steel tongue drum 8 notes 10-inch Tambourine Meditation drum
    Hluru D Key 11 notes 10-inch Titanium alloy Triangle key tongue steel tongue drum tank drum
    Huashu Lotus tongue F key 8 notes 8 inches carbon steel tongue drum Meditation relaxing
    Hluru Ellipse tongue 8 notes 8 inches F key Titanium alloy steel tongue drum
    Hluru Huashu Upgrade 11 notes 10 inches D key Carbon Steel ethereal drum Tank tongue drum
    Hluru ellipse 8 notes 10 inches C key Hand drume Titanium alloy steel tongue drum Tank drum
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