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    Explore the top 10+ brands of Lyre Harp products for sale. From beginner to professional. The lyre is a stringed instrument, with its smaller size and distinct shape that has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The Harp, with its larger size, Its resonant strings produce a wide range of tones that can fill any space with their captivating melodies. Both the Lyre and the Harp offer unique playing experiences and musical possibilities. Its delicate strings and enchanting sound make it a symbol of beauty and grace. Playing the lyre harp can transport you to a world of melody and evoke a sense of tranquility.
    35 products
    Cega 19-String 16-String Deer Lyre Harp Resonance Box Instrument
    from $6.90
    Reindeer Heart-shaped 21/27-String Lyre Harp Professional Performance Lyre instrument
    from $12.90
    Harpika Miniature Finger Lyre Harp 17-String Portable Wooden Lyre Gift Instrument
    from $45.90
    Zani Angel Musical Note 19-String Portable Lyre Harp Lyre instrument for beginner
    Pures Angel Lyre Harp Ancient 16-19-String Note Wooden Lyre Soothing Instrument
    from $79.90
    Lyre Harp 16 String Okoume Body with Tuning Wrench and Spare Strings
    Lyre Harp Strings 7/10/16/19 strings Lyre instrument Accessories
    from $4.30
    Luck Leaf 16-String Lyre Harp music Instrument for Beginner
    10 String Lyre Harp Mahogany with Carry Bag Tuning Tool
    Lyre Harp 16 String Mahogany Body Euporean pattern String Instrument
    Butterfly Engraving 16-String Lyre Harp Instrument Lyre instrument
    Walter.t 15-String Irish Celtic Lyre Harp Portable Lyre instrument for beginner
    New 24 String Lyre Harp Greek Violin Wooden Lyre Instrument
    Walter A16X WH-16 Lyre Harp 16-string Set
    Walter 16-String Mahogany Solid Wood Lyre Harp
    Sold Out
    16 String Lyre Harp Mahogany Harp with Tone Wrench
    Hluru Universal Pick up for Kalimba thumb piano Handpan Tongue drum Lyre Harp professional Magnetic pickup
    Cega 16-String Deer Lyre Harp Portable Solid Wood Harp
    7 String Simple Lyre Harp Seven-Stringed
    GECKO 15-String Lyre Harp Canada MAPLE/Mahogany Wooden - Pures Music
    GECKO 10-15-String Lyre Harp Canada MAPLE/Mahogany Wooden
    from $74.90
    Walter.t 19-String With Levers Irish Celtic Lyre Harp Semitone Key Lyre Instrument
    Sold Out
    Crystal Transparent Lyre Harp 21-String Note ABS-PC Lyre Instrument
    DIY Lyre Harp Kit For Sale Handwork Painting Lyre Instrument for Beginner Kid Children
    Sold Out
    Zani Mini 16-String Lyre Harp Wooden Lyre Gift For Beginner Instrument
    Lyre 10 PCS Tuning Pin Nails and 10 PCS Rivets Lyre Harp Instrument accessories
    Classic Lyre Harp 16-19-String Note Plate Type Retro Wooden Lyre Instrument
    from $74.90
    Sold Out
    Portable Speaker Amplifier for Kalimba/Handpan/Steel tongue drum/Lyre Harp Instruments
    Hluru Moon Lyre Harp Luna Crescent 8/11/15 String Instrument Beginners Gift
    from $56.90
    Hluru Moon Lyre Harp Full Moon 8/11/15 String Instrument Flower of Life Pattern
    from $69.90
    Walter 16-String Lyre Hollow High Quality Mahogany Solid Wood Lyre Harp Instrument
    Walter Electric Lyre Harp Premium 16-string Mahogany Solid Wood Instrument WH-16EQ
    Walter Lyre Harp Premium 16-string Box Lyre Mahogany Stringed Instrument
    Hluru Mini Moon Lyre Harp Crescent Luna 8-string Instrument Gift
    from $41.90
    Hluru Mini Lyre Harp 7-string "Light on earth" Instrument Gift for Beginners
    Sold Out
    Hluru Lyre Harp 19-string Hollow "Light on earth" Instrument
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