16-19 String Lyre Harp

20 products

    16 string lyre, 16, 17, 19 strings. The choice of most buyers. From beginner to professional. It lulls you into a state of tranquility and serenades your soul with soothing melodies evoked by the instrument.
    20 products
    Cega 19-String 16-String Deer Lyre Harp Resonance Box Instrument
    from $6.90
    Zani Angel Musical Note 19-String Portable Lyre Harp Lyre instrument for beginner
    Pures Angel Lyre Harp Ancient 16-19-String Note Wooden Lyre Soothing Instrument
    from $79.90
    Lyre Harp Strings 7/10/16/19 strings Lyre instrument Accessories
    from $4.30
    Lyre Harp 16 String Okoume Body with Tuning Wrench and Spare Strings
    Luck Leaf 16-String Lyre Harp music Instrument for Beginner
    Lyre Harp 16 String Mahogany Body Euporean pattern String Instrument
    Butterfly Engraving 16-String Lyre Harp Instrument Lyre instrument
    Walter 16-String Mahogany Solid Wood Lyre Harp
    Walter 16-String Lyre Hollow High Quality Mahogany Solid Wood Lyre Harp Instrument
    Walter A16X WH-16 Lyre Harp 16-string Set
    Sold Out
    16 String Lyre Harp Mahogany Harp with Tone Wrench
    Walter.t 19-String With Levers Irish Celtic Lyre Harp Semitone Key Lyre Instrument
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    Zani Mini 16-String Lyre Harp Wooden Lyre Gift For Beginner Instrument
    Cega 16-String Deer Lyre Harp Portable Solid Wood Harp
    Harpika Miniature Finger Lyre Harp 17-String Portable Wooden Lyre Gift Instrument
    from $45.90
    Classic Lyre Harp 16-19-String Note Plate Type Retro Wooden Lyre Instrument
    from $74.90
    Walter Electric Lyre Harp Premium 16-string Mahogany Solid Wood Instrument WH-16EQ
    Walter Lyre Harp Premium 16-string Box Lyre Mahogany Stringed Instrument
    Sold Out
    Hluru Lyre Harp 19-string Hollow "Light on earth" Instrument
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