Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowl

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    Himalayan tibetan singing bowl, handmade antique singing bowl. full moon singing bowl, It is a metal bowl composed of various metal elements.
    Intense and long-lasting vibrations can be generated with a light striking. is used for meditation, sound healing, and relaxation.
    6 products
    Raindrop sound bowl Handmade Tibetan healing chakra bowls Yoga Meditation Brass Crafts Music Singing Bowl
    from $14.90
    Chanting Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Copper Meditation Relaxation sound Bowl
    from $48.90
    10~33cm Santa Full Moon Singing Bowl Tibetan Meditation Chakra Yoga Sound Healing Bowl
    from $209.90
    12~22cm Full Moon Singing Bowl Handmade Pure Without Engraving Nepal Tibetan Meditation Sound Bowls
    from $52.90
    Scripture Chanting Sound bath bowl Tibetan healing chakra bowls Meditation Therapy Singing Bowl
    from $14.90
    24~34cm Full Moon Singing Bowl Handmade Tibetan Meditation Sound Bowl Chakra Healing
    from $169.90
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