Lyre Harps

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    Explore the top 10+ brands of Lyre Harp products for sale. From beginner to professional. The lyre is a stringed instrument, with its smaller size and distinct shape that has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The Harp, with its larger size, Its resonant strings produce a wide range of tones that can fill any space with their captivating melodies. Both the Lyre and the Harp offer unique playing experiences and musical possibilities. Its delicate strings and enchanting sound make it a symbol of beauty and grace. Playing the lyre harp can transport you to a world of melody and evoke a sense of tranquility.
    35 produtos
    Instrumento de caixa de ressonância de harpa Cega de 19 cordas e 16 cordas
    A partir de $6.90
    Lira Harpa Cordas 7/10/16/19 cordas Instrumento de lira Acessórios
    A partir de $4.30
    Luck Leaf 16-String Lyre Harp instrumento de música para iniciantes
    Preço promocional $69.90Preço normal $86.00 Economize $16.10
    Lira Harpa 16 Cordas Corpo de Mogno Instrumento de Corda Padrão Europeu
    Preço promocional $69.00Preço normal $86.00 Economize $17
    Novo instrumento lira de 24 cordas harpa violino grego lira de madeira
    Preço promocional $89.90Preço normal $99.00 Economize $9.10
    Conjunto de 16 cordas Walter A16X WH-16 Lyre Harp
    Preço promocional $6.99Preço normal $8.60 Economize $1.61
    Harpa de lira de madeira maciça de mogno Walter de 16 cordas
    Preço promocional $109.90Preço normal $136.00 Economize $26.10
    Lira Simples de 7 Cordas Harpa de Sete Cordas
    Preço promocional $38.90Preço normal $46.00 Economize $7.10
    GECKO 15-String Lyre Harp Canada MAPLE/Mahogany Wooden - Pures Music
    GECKO 10-15 cordas lira harpa Canadá BORDO/madeira de mogno
    A partir de $74.90 Preço normal $88.00 Economize $13.10
    Kit de harpa faça você mesmo lira para venda instrumento de lira para pintura e pintura para iniciantes
    Lyre 10 PCS Tuning Pin Nails e 10 PCS Rivets Lyre Harp Instrument acessórios
    Hluru Lira Harpa Lua Crescente 8/11/15 Instrumento de corda Presente para iniciantes
    A partir de $56.90
    Hluru Lira Harpa Lua Cheia 8/11/15 Instrumento de corda Flor da Vida Padrão
    A partir de $69.90
    Instrumento de harpa de lira de 16 cordas Walter oco mogno de alta qualidade em madeira maciça
    Walter Electric Lyre Harp Premium 16 cordas Mogno Instrumento de madeira maciça WH-16EQ
    Walter Lyre Harp Premium 16-string Box Lyre Mahogany Stringed Instrument
    Hluru Mini Moon Lyre Harp Crescent Luna 8-string Instrument Gift
    A partir de $41.90
    Hluru Mini Lyre Harp 7-string "Light on earth" Instrument Gift for Beginners
    Hluru Lyre Harp 19-string Hollow "Light on earth" Instrument
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