Custom Handpan Scale

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    Customized handpan. 159 scales! Custom scale handpans. A collection of some of the most popular custom scales. Perfect sound quality until you are satisfied! it has more than one hundred tones to choose from. Handpans have gained popularity for their versatility and ability to produce a wide variety of musical styles, from traditional world music to contemporary and ambient genres.  There are over a hundred scales you can customize.

    Handpan Custom Scale Guide

    Customizable scales:
    A2 Pygmy, C#3 Pygmy, D3 Pygmy, D3 High Pygmy, E3 Pygmy, F3 Pygmy, F2 Low Pygmy, F2 Pygmy,
    B2 Minor Celtic, C#3 Minor, C#3 Minor Celtic, C#3 Minor Kurd, C3 Minor/G phrygian, D3 Minor, D3 Minor Kurd, D3 Minor Amara&Celtic,
    B2 Amara, E3 Amara,
    C3 Major, D3 Major, E3 Major,
    D3 Sabye, E3 SaByeD,
    E3 Minor, E3 Minor/G Major hexatonic, E3 Minor/B Phrygian, E3 Minor Silas,

    A2 Hijaz, B2 Hijaz, C3 Hijaz, D3 Hijaz, D3/A Hijaz, D3 Hijaz Salatin, E3/A Romanian Hijaz, E3/B Hijaz hexatonic, G3 Hijaz
    A2 Raga Desh, A2 Avedury,
    B2 Onoleo,
    C3 Aegean, C#3 Ysha Savita, C#3 Fremantle, C#3 Dorian,
    D3 Mixolydian/A Dorian hexatonic, D3 Mystic, D3 Byzanti, D3 Salatin,
    E3, E3 DaNaYo, E3 Klezmara, E3 Asha, E3/G La Sirena, E3 Aeolian,
    F3, F#3, F3 Dorian, F3 Equinox, F3 Integral, F3/G Akepygnox, F#3 AkePygnox
    G2 Double bass, G Oxalista (E3) G3 / (A3) B3 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5 G5

    20 produtos
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