Crystal singing bowl set

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    Best chakra sound bowl set, clear alchemy bowls set, crystal tuning fork set. sound bath, the perfect choice for sound therapy courses. Each bowl is tuned to a specific chakra, allowing for a variety of tones and frequencies to be explored.
    Crystal singing bowls come in different sizes and notes, each with its own unique sound and vibration. Some bowls are clear, while others are infused with additional minerals or metals, adding a visual and energetic element to the instrument.
    12 products
    Alchemy Cosmic Light Singing Bowl Set Clear Quartz Bowl Chakra Meditation Sound Bowl
    from $1,129.00
    Perfect Pitch 8"-14" Crystal Singing Bowl Set Classic White Sound bowl Chakra set
    from $759.00
    Cosmic Light Singing Bowl Set Alchemy Bowl Clear Quartz Northern Light Bowls
    from $1,199.00
    Alchemy Clear Crystal Singing Bowl Set Sunshine Rainbow 7 Seven Chakra Meditation Sound Bath Bowl Set
    from $1,149.00
    Crystal Singing Handle Bowl Set Matte Colorful Alchemy Meditation Yoga Chakra Bowl
    from $499.00
    Matte Crystal Singing Alchemy Bowl Set Clear Quartz Meditation Yoga Chakra Bowl
    from $499.00
    Crystal Singing Pyramid Set 3"-14" Quartz Triangle Sound Healing Chakra Instrument
    from $459.00
    Clear Crystal Dreamy Colorful Singing Handle Bowl Set Alchemy Sound Chakra Bowl
    from $949.00
    Flower of Life 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl Set Alchemy Meditation Sound bowl
    from $1,199.00
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