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    300+ styles Perfect Pitch crystal sound bowls for sound meditation. crystal singing bowl, tibetan bowls, Pyramids, Crystal harp, Merkaba, Grail, Tuning Fork.
    A meditation sound bowl is a unique and enchanting musical instrument that produces soothing and resonant sounds. When played, the bowl produces a pure and ethereal tone that can be both calming and healing.
    Crystal singing bowls are often used in sound healing therapies, yoga, meditation practices, and spiritual ceremonies. Good looks can also be decorative.The vibrations and harmonics created by the bowls are believed to promote relaxation, balance the energy centers of the body, and facilitate a state of deep meditation. The sound waves produced by the bowl can help release tension, promote a sense of well-being, and even enhance focus and creativity.
    63 products
    Crystal Singing Pyramid Set 3"-14" Quartz Triangle Sound Healing Chakra Instrument
    from $459.00
    Alchemy Cosmic Light Singing Bowl Set Clear Quartz Bowl Chakra Meditation Sound Bowl
    from $1,129.00
    Rainbow Colorful Crystal Singing Pyramid 4-12 Inch Quartz Chakra Meditation Healing Triangle
    from $75.90
    Chanting Himalayan Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Copper Meditation Relaxation sound Bowl
    from $48.90
    Various Mallets Delicate Suede Striker For Singing Bowl Holy Grail Quartz Handle Bowls
    from $9.90
    Alchemy Clear Crystal Singing Bowl Set Sunshine Rainbow 7 Seven Chakra Meditation Sound Bath Bowl Set
    from $1,149.00
    12~22cm Full Moon Singing Bowl Handmade Pure Without Engraving Nepal Tibetan Meditation Sound Bowls
    from $52.90
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