Mini Lyre

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    Mini Lyre Harp,  small and portable,  7 string lyre, 8 string lyre.  best lyre harp for beginners or professional. you can take the melodies you create to anywhere in the world.
    11 products
    Hluru Moon Lyre Harp Luna Crescent 8/11/15 String Instrument Beginners Gift
    from $56.90
    Walter.T Mini Harp 8-string Handheld Celtic Lyre Lap Small Harp Instrument
    from $86.90
    7 String Simple Lyre Harp Seven-Stringed
    Sale price $38.90Regular price $46.00 Save $7.10
    Hluru Mini Moon Lyre Harp Crescent Luna 8-string Instrument Gift
    from $41.90
    DIY Lyre Harp Kit For Sale Handwork Painting Lyre Instrument for Beginner Kid Children
    Hluru Mini Lyre Harp 7-string "Light on earth" Instrument Gift for Beginners
    Hluru Moon Lyre Harp Full Moon 8/11/15 String Instrument Flower of Life Pattern
    from $69.90
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