Tambour Handpan Professionnel

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    Handpans have gained popularity for their versatility and ability to produce a wide variety of musical styles, from traditional world music to contemporary and ambient genres. Whether you are a professional musician or simply looking to explore a new and enchanting sound, the Handpan drum is a beautiful instrument that can bring joy and creativity to your life.
    25 items
    Tambour Handpan "Anaconda" 9 10 12 16 Notes Hijaz Amara Celtic Major Tambour suspendu personnalisé
    Datura Royal 440/432Hz Professional Handpan 9/10 Notes Kurd Celtic 22 pouces hang drum
    À partir de $669.00
    Mountain Rain Handpan Drum 440Hz/432Hz 22 pouces 9-12 Notes STL Hand Steel Drum
    À partir de $599.00
    Mandala Handpan Drum Elegant VC# Kurde Amara Sabye Ashakiran Low Pygmy
    À partir de $799.00
    Hurricane Handpan Drum 10 Notes 440Hz Blue-Violet Light Personnalisable Professional Hang Drum instrument
    À partir de $799.00
    STL Handpan Tambour 9-15 Notes 69 gammes personnalisables Professionnel haut de gamme Tambour Amara Sabye Major
    Opera Sew Handpan Drum 9 Notes Instrument en acier inoxydable Balance personnalisée CELTIC-MINOR-LYDIAN
    Rétro Handpan Tambour Vintage Or Style C# Kurde CDE Amara C Ashakiran
    À partir de $819.00
    Sun God Handpan Drum D minor Kurde Celtic Scale 9-12 Notes 432 Hz et 440 Hz Professional Hang Drum
    À partir de $859.00
    Ripple Ding Handpan Handpan drum Professional D Minor 22 pouces 9-12 Notes Hand hang drum
    À partir de $759.00
    Amélioré Sun God Handpan Drum STL Music Master Expert 9-12 Notes Personnalisable Hang Drum
    Hluru Amélioré 9/10 Notes Tone Handpan D Minor 22 Pouces Hang drum 440Hz STL/Nitruration Steel Hand drum
    À partir de $549.00
    Hluru Handpan Drum Universe Style amélioré 9/10 Notes Professional Cosmos Hang Drum
    À partir de $639.00
    Vintage Bronze Handpan Instrument Hang Drum Hand Pan Amara Sabye Equinox Integral
    À partir de $819.00
    As Teman Ice Age Handpan 10 Notes D Kurd E Halcyon Hang drum
    As Teman Resident Evil Handpan 10 Notes 440Hz / 432Hz Green Hang drum
    As Teman Stars Blue Handpan 10 Notes 440Hz / 432Hz D Minor Hang drum
    BiiMoon Ember Steel Handpan Classic Silver Pan Drum instrument Kurd Amara Aegean Hijaz Equinox
    À partir de $869.00
    BiiMoon Ember Steel Handpan Classic Brown Kurd Amara Ashakiran Pygmy Sabye Hang Drum
    À partir de $869.00
    BiiMoon Handpan Elegant White Kurd Celtic Ysha Savita Mystic Integral Hand Pan Drum
    À partir de $959.00
    Ember Steel Handpan Drum Kurd Amara Major Sabye Ysha Savita Pakmoon Mystic
    À partir de $949.00
    BiiMoon Handpan Drum Tiff Blue Ember Steel Hang Instrument
    À partir de $1,039.90
    BiiMoon Handpan Drum Macaron Pink Steel Hang Instrument
    À partir de $1,039.90
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