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    23 products
    Chord Doorbell 432Hz Tuned Chimes Nature Relaxation Meditation Instrument
    Bamboo Chord Wind Chimes for Relaxation tuned chimes (not available for Europe)
    from $13.90
    Cega 19-String 16-String Deer Lyre Harp Resonance Box Instrument
    from $6.90
    Hluru 14 inch 15 note D tune hanpan April Yang Tank drum steel tongue drum
    from $129.99
    Hluru mini handpan Kurd/Amara/Harmonic/Pentatonic 14 inch 9 note D minor hand drum Steel tongue drum
    2021 New 17/21 Keys Hluru Blue Ocean Whale Dolphin kalimba - Pures Music
    2023 New 17/21 Keys Hluru Blue Ocean Whale Dolphin kalimba
    from $15.99
    Pures Angel Lyre Harp Ancient 16-19-String Note Wooden Lyre Soothing Instrument
    from $86.90
    Hluru drum bracket Handpan Steel tongue drum wooden/Iron stand
    from $36.90
    34 keys kalimba Hluru Tree of Life Thumb Piano Double Layer Black Walnut Chromatic Kalimba
    from $52.90
    Hluru Hollow Kalimba Gabonese Rosewood 17/21 key Finger Thumb Piano
    from $39.90
    LingTing 34 Key Kalimba Purpleheart Wood Chromatic Finger Thumb Piano Semitone instrument
    Hluru 21 Keys Black Walnut Wood Kalimba Thumb Piano With Box
    from $48.90
    36 Keys Chromatic Kalimba Hollow/Solid Board Piano Semitone Scale African Graffiti Pattern
    Hurricane Handpan Drum 10 Notes 440Hz D Minor Customizable Professional Hang Drum
    from $799.00
    Hluru Universal Pick up for Kalimba thumb piano Handpan Tongue drum Lyre Harp professional Magnetic pickup
    Natural Scene Speaker 8 natural sound effects Sleep Relax Relieve Stress Healing Music Portable Speaker
    36 Keys Chromatic Kalimba Flat Board / Hollow Solid Wood Color Oxide Black Key Thumb Piano
    Array Mbira professional array Kalimba instrument 3~5 octave finger Thumb Piano
    from $276.90
    Pures A1 Portable Kalimba 21 keys /17 keys Lightweight Easy Use Thumb Piano instrument
    10~33cm Santa Full Moon Singing Bowl Tibetan Meditation Chakra Yoga Sound Healing Bowl
    from $209.90
    29 Keys Chromatic Kalimba Piano Black Key Chord Kalimba Semitone Scale Graffiti Pattern
    Pures Music Hurricane Hang Drum Professional Handpan 440Hz 10 Notes Spiral Design Scale Customizable
    Hluru Moon Lyre Harp Luna Crescent 8/11/15 String Instrument Beginners Gift
    from $56.90
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