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    Hluru Official Premium Authorized Reseller.Hluru brand official statement "do not participate in retail". Hluru is a high-quality kalimba, lyre harp, tongue drum, handpan,leading brand. 100+ styles.
    86 products
    Hluru 14 inch 15 note D tune hanpan April Yang Tank drum steel tongue drum
    from $139.99
    Hluru mini handpan Kurd/Amara/Harmonic/Pentatonic 14 inch 9 note D minor hand drum Steel tongue drum
    2021 New 17/21 Keys Hluru Blue Ocean Whale Dolphin kalimba - Pures Music
    2023 New 17/21 Keys Hluru Blue Ocean Whale Dolphin kalimba
    from $15.99
    Hluru Moon Lyre Harp Luna Crescent 8/11/15 String Instrument Beginners Gift
    from $56.90
    Hluru drum bracket Handpan Steel tongue drum wooden/Iron stand
    from $36.90
    Hluru Mini Steel Tongue Drum 3-inch 6 notes Tank drum
    Hluru Harpika Monochord 17/31 String Finger Lyre Instrument Kalyre Rose Wood/Maple
    from $43.90
    Hluru Companion Treble Drum 6 inch 8 Notes C/D Tone Steel Tongue Drum Partner Drum
    34 keys kalimba Hluru Tree of Life Thumb Piano Double Layer Black Walnut Chromatic Kalimba
    from $44.90
    Hluru Huashu 17 Key Hollow Kalimba Lotus Mahogany Wood Thumb Piano
    from $22.90
    Hluru Harpika 17/31 String Finger Lyre Combine Wood Monochord Kalyre Mini Lyre Instrument
    from $49.90
    Hluru 6 Inch 11 Note Ultra Wide Range Steel Tongue Drum Tank Drum
    Hluru 14 inch 14 note C tune Copper steel tongue drum hanpan tank drum
    Hluru C Key 14 Inches 15 Notes Steel Tongue Drum Titanium steel C tune Professional Performance Drum
    from $139.99
    Hluru Hollow Kalimba Gabonese Rosewood 17/21 key Finger Thumb Piano
    from $39.90
    Hluru Universal Pick up for Kalimba thumb piano Handpan Tongue drum Lyre Harp professional Magnetic pickup
    Hluru Huashu Upgrade C Key 15 notes 14 inches C tone Lotus Carbon Tank tongue drum
    Hluru 21 Keys Black Walnut Wood Kalimba Thumb Piano With Box
    from $48.90
    Hluru Pearl Paint 15 notes 14 inch D tone D KEY Professional Titanium steel tongue drum
    Hluru 8 notes 6 inch Lotus Steel tongue drum
    Hluru EQ Kalimba Electric Thumb Piano Smart Effector Walnut Finger Piano
    from $96.90
    Hluru flat board classic 17 key solid kalimba thumb piano Maple Acacia Rosewood
    from $28.90
    Hluru 8 Keys Cat Kalimba Mini Thumb Piano Exquisite Marimba Gift for Kids
    Hluru Flower of Life Mini 5.5-inch Steel Tongue Drum Gift Steel Tank Drum
    Hluru Copper steel 9 notes 14 inches D tones tongue drum Meditation Handpan tank hang drum
    Hluru Upgraded 9/10 Notes Tone Handpan D Minor 22 Inch Hang drum 440Hz STL/Nitriding Steel Hand drum
    from $549.00
    Hluru Kalimba 21 key Side Sound Hole Combination Board Mbira Calimba Thumb Piano
    Hluru 8 Keys Mini Solid Board Finger Thumb Piano Kalimba For Beginner
    Hluru Chord Wind Chimes Bamboo Meditation Relax Chimes
    Hluru Huashu Upgrade D Key 15 notes 14 inches Lotus Carbon tongue drum
    Hluru Huashu 15 notes 14 inches D Key Lotus Carbon tongue drum
    Hluru Japanese Folk Travel Steel tongue drum 8 notes 10-inch Tambourine Meditation drum
    Hluru Colorful Acrylic Kalimba Bear Finger Thumb Piano 17/21 Key Crystal transparent Piano
    from $27.90
    Hluru Classic 17 key Hollow Kalimba Front Hole Thumb piano Mahogany Acacia Walnut
    Hluru Sandalwood 17/21 key Kalimba Hollow Type finger thumb piano april yang instrument
    from $33.90
    Hluru Huashu Ginkgo Leaf tongue D key 11 notes 6-inch ED3 steel tongue drum
    Hluru 14-inch 11 notes C Tone steel tongue drum Titanium Tank drum April yang Hang drum
    from $122.99
    Hluru Scalloped 17 Keys Solid Flat Board Kalimba Sector/S Shape Thumb Piano
    Hluru Zambian RoseWood Kalimba Flat Solid Board 21 and 17 Keys Finger Thumb Piano
    from $35.90
    Hluru Steel Tongue Drum 12-inch 13 notes Tank drum C Major Tone April Yang Instrument
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