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When you place an order and payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please confirm that your order information is correct. If you haven't receive any email, please check your spam. Or the email may be filled in incorrectly.

For every order, we save photos or videos of the parcel when shipping. (including parcel content, shipping label.)

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Differences in shipping options, it may be the following two situations.
1. Your parcel is on its way to the carrier... once it arrives, there will be online updates.
2. Number starting in "T" is the shipping reference number. Your parcel is on its way to the carrier. once it arrives, there will be an email update with the real tracking number.

Some international orders will have two tracking numbers.
There is a tracking number for the international section. When it arrives in the local country, there is another local tracking number (Last mile tracking). The carrier is different.