Mini Drum 5.5/6-inch

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    Mini steel drum, travel tongue drum, the small drum with crisp sound, you can even put it in your pocket. It can be used alone or as an accompaniment. both beginners and experienced musicians can play them with almost no musical knowledge required. It is also the best gift for children.
    9 products
    Hluru Mini Steel Tongue Drum 3 بوصة 6 ملاحظات حوض خزان
    Sale price $13.90Regular price $17.00 Save $3.10
    Hluru Companion Treble Drum 6 بوصة 8 ملاحظات C / D لهجة من الصلب اللسان طبل شريك
    ملاحظات Hluru 8 أسطوانة لسان لوتس ستيل 6 بوصات
    Sale price $32.90Regular price $40.00 Save $7.10
    Hluru Flower of Life Mini 5.5-inch Steel Tongue Drum Gift Steel Tank Drum
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