34 key kalimba Hluru VS Seeds VS Chill Angels Daimone VS LingTing

These three kalimba are the three most popular and best 34-tone chromatic kalimba right now, and it is difficult to make a choice. The timbre is very stable, and the two octaves can be freely exchanged without muffled sound. No murmur, dead tine.
Hluru's 34-tone is a new, the tree of life. tunable design that looks perfect.
Let's take a look at their detailed differences. 34 key kalimba

Material: seeds and hluru use North American black walnut, while Daimone uses bamboo, so seeds and hluru are heavier in weight. North American black walnut is a very dense wood. Seeds' key structure bracket is integrated, Stable and accurate when installed, and the angle force is uniform and stable.

Sound: The characteristic sound of seeds and hluru is relatively crisp, the most natural and clean sound of plate kalimba. In comparison, the Daimone feels a little louder. It doesn't have the disadvantage of the plate style kalimba's smaller sound with the box type. It has a loud and smooth sound.

Configuration: The accessories of seeds are relatively simple, only tuning hammers, books and two-layer boxes. Why are the boxes two-layered? Officially, the reason for the two layers is to better protect the piano from being damaged during transportation, and there is nothing else. Accessories, no sound stickers (the chromatic keys are not engraved, probably for tunable reasons. B to Bb). Whereas Hluru and Daimone have very good quality boxes and look high-grade too. Hluru bag case is a brand from HCT. Daimone's latest is a blue bag. Hluru with tuning hammers and tuning sticks!

Function: hluru is portable designed for tuning, and the lower row keys are designed with adjustable sound holes, which can be tuned up and down. You only need to use the tuning stick you carry to tune. Seeds has two tones of B and C. Daimone has 36 notes kalimba.

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