Handpan Custom Scale Guide

Best Handpan. PERFECT SOUND 159 scales can be customized. Handpan Maker. Each handpan will provide video sound quality confirmation before sending. Perfect sound quality until you are satisfied!

Customizing your handpan scale is easy! Just a few steps:

1. Select the handpan you want, and add the scale you want to the shopping cart;

2. Checkout and pay. Other information can be noted in the order, and logo customization is supported;

3. After 7~15 days, you will receive the video confirmation. it will be sent out.

4. Receive your customized beloved handpan!

Customizable scales:

A2 Pygmy, C#3 Pygmy, D3 Pygmy, D3 High Pygmy, E3 Pygmy, F3 Pygmy, F2 Low Pygmy, F2 Pygmy,
B2 Minor Celtic, C#3 Minor, C#3 Minor Celtic, C#3 Minor Kurd, C3 Minor/G phrygian, D3 Minor, D3 Minor Kurd, D3 Minor Amara&Celtic,
B2 Amara, E3 Amara,
C3 Major, D3 Major, E3 Major,
D3 Sabye, E3 SaByeD,
E3 Minor, E3 Minor/G Major hexatonic, E3 Minor/B Phrygian, E3 Minor Silas,

A2 Hijaz, B2 Hijaz, C3 Hijaz, D3 Hijaz, D3/A Hijaz, D3 Hijaz Salatin, E3/A Romanian Hijaz, E3/B Hijaz hexatonic, G3 Hijaz
A2 Raga Desh, A2 Avedury,
B2 Onoleo,
C3 Aegean, C#3 Ysha Savita, C#3 Fremantle, C#3 Dorian,
D3 Mixolydian/A Dorian hexatonic, D3 Mystic, D3 Byzanti, D3 Salatin,
E3, E3 DaNaYo, E3 Klezmara, E3 Asha, E3/G La Sirena, E3 Aeolian,
F3, F#3, F3 Dorian, F3 Equinox, F3 Integral, F3/G Akepygnox, F#3 AkePygnox
G2 Double bass.
STL Handpan 116 Scales Customizable 9~20 Notes 440/432Hz F Low Pygmy Major Minor Kurd Sabye Hijaz Byzanti
STL Handpan Drum 116 Scales Custom B2 Celtic C3 Major C#3 Minor Savita E3 Amara SaByeD F3 Dorian
Energy Ripple Handpan Drum STL Material 9-10 Notes 440/432 Hz D Kurd Amara Celtic Professional Master Custom Hang Drum
Hurricane Handpan Drum 10 Notes 440Hz D Minor Blue-Purple Light Custom Professional Hang Drum instrument
Custom Handpan Drum Scale Magic Mirror 9-14 Notes Hang Drum Hijaz Pygmy Kurd Celtic
Von $1,569.00
Pures Hurricane Hang Drum Professional Handpan 440Hz 10 Notes D Minor Dazzling Golden Light Drum instrument Scale Customizable
Air Handpan 9-12 Notes 432Hz/440Hz Hang Drum Pygmy Hijaz Custom Handpan Drum Kurd Celtic Minor
Von $729.00
Retro Silver Mirror 9-14 Notes Custom Handpan Scale Stainless Steel Hang Drum Hijaz d Celtic Minor Amara Kurd Major Sabye
Von $1,569.00